David George

David George is currently experiencing renal failure and is in Washington regional medical center. please pray for healing.

Jan-14 / last prayer 6h ago
Faye May

Please continue to pray for Faye May. She is struggling to recover from respiratory virus and Covid. Her blood oxygen levels drop way down if she is not on oxygen. She is very weak

Jan-16 / last prayer 34m ago
Jan Selby

Please pray for my sister, Jan Selby, who was taken to ER last night due to viral bronchitis and AFIB. She is still in ER waiting for a bed to open in the Cardiac Unit. Blessings, Staci Crowell

Dec-31 / last prayer 6h ago
Julie Schwilling

Jim and Pam Hall’s daughter Julie has tested positive for Covid and has significant symptoms and her two infant children have symptoms. Please pray for their healing.

Dec-30 / last prayer 6h ago
Staci Crowell

Please pray for Staci Crowell who is currently admitted to Northwest Medical Center. She has a small abscess along with pain and nausea.

Jan-12 / last prayer 36m ago
Juan Zamora

Praise God! Juan Zamora went home today!!! All internal organs functioning!!! Our God is so loving and wise! Thank you from his family and from me for your faithful prayers! ️

Jan-12 / last prayer 6h ago

Please pray for two baby girls born prematurely in Kansas City and their mom Kendra . They are very small . Baby girl B is not doing well.

Jan-05 / last prayer 6h ago
Jan Selby

Please pray for my sister, Jan Selby, she will have Heart Cath tomorrow at WRMC. She has been on Cardiac unit since early Friday morning. Blessings, Staci Crowell

Jan-02 / last prayer 6h ago
Jan Selby

Praise God! My sister Jan was released from hospital after 7 days on Cardiac unit. She is at Encompass Rehab to regain her strength. God bless you for your prayers on her behalf! Staci Crowell

Jan-08 / last rejoice 6h ago
Jeff Posey

Jeff Posey has been in hospital since Tuesday with a collapsed lung (not covid related). Things aren't going. Pray that his lung will fully inflate and the pain will decrease. He’s been on morphine.

Jan-13 / last prayer 37m ago
Lynae Carlson

Accident update: - quick healing and no more surgeries needed - full range of motion and strength - pain control and sleep - the Lord's wisdom in using this time well thank you nh family!

Jan-10 / last prayer 3h ago
Andrew Lynch & Fam

I just tested positive for covid and Bodie(2.5yrs) got X-ray results back with a broken arm. Fell off a ladder touching a ceiling fan. Pray I’m cleared to be at our 3rd baby (Owen) delivery due Jan 3O

Jan-06 / last prayer 6h ago
Vicky Foti

Thanks for all your prayers for Mama Vicky. She's doing better, though her hips are messed up from the auto accident. Pray for total healing, and a reliable car.

Dec-28 / last prayer 6h ago

My wife has been struggling with postpartum depression. Prayers to find a support system during this season. Loneliness has been one of the biggest negative influencers.

Jan-04 / last prayer 39m ago
Jeff Posey - Update

Jeff is scheduled for surgery tomorrow to repair his lung. Pray for God's guidance to the team, that it can be done with small incisions, and for quick recovery.

Jan-17 / last prayer 6h ago
Lauren Hightower

Please pray for Lauren. She has salivary gland cancer, and she is pregnant. Treatment includes radiation, surgery (on Jan 11), and possibly more if those do not help.

Dec-30 / last prayer 6h ago
Danny Arriaza

Please pray for Danny, a member of Petersen's community group and Gatekeeper at FPR. He's had a tough bout with Covid and is now in the hospital with a large blood clot in his lung.

Dec-28 / last prayer 6h ago

My 72 yr old, unvaccinated, brother has Covid. His symptoms seem mild. Pray they remain so. Thank you

Jan-17 / last prayer 3h ago
Kevin L.

My dad is having heart surgery tomorrow. Please pray that the procedure goes well. He also needs to make some lifestyle changes and has been resistant so far.

Jan-09 / last prayer 6h ago
Marty Swain

I’m pretty sick with Covid symptoms. No family in Arkansas, but some sweet friends. 73 yrs old. Please pray for complete healing.

Jan-15 / last prayer 34m ago
Anna S.

Pray for clear scans next week for our daughter, Anna S. She has finished 5 rounds of chemo/antibody. Pray for protection from illness as blood counts are very low. Praise Him for keeping Anna strong!

Jan-04 / last prayer 6h ago

Please pray for Jessica and her two children . They are in need of permanent shelter and resources .

Jan-08 / last prayer 37m ago
Anita Lietzke

Anita is having diabiltating pain on her left side. Pray for her recovery' the doctors who will be attending her and her family.

Dec-29 / last prayer 6h ago
Kevin & Marsha L.

My dad did well through his heart surgery! Thank you for praying! Please continue to pray for his recovery and my mom as she cares for him.

Jan-10 / last rejoice 6h ago
Zach, Ashlyn and Harper Thornton

Please pray for my granddaughters, Ashlyn and Harper, and son inlaw Zach. They are all positive for COVID. Before COVID, the girls came to church with me and Ashlyn just asked when we could go again.

Jan-08 / last prayer 6h ago
Denise Born

Please pray for Denise Born (Jake Born's momma). She has pancreatic cancer and has taken a turn. She was placed in hospice, praying for a miracle!

Jan-15 / last prayer 39m ago
Colin Escue

I have really struggled finding a job as a flight instructor in this area. My family has sacrificed a lot to let me pursue this, it’s been 5+ months of waiting and searching.

Jan-04 / last prayer 6h ago
Staci Crowell and Jan Selby

Thank you so much both my sister and myself are home from rehab and the hospital! God is so good!

Jan-18 / last rejoice 2h ago

Baby girl B is now in the presence of our Heavenly Father . Please pray the Holy Spirits comfort for Kendra and her family

Jan-11 / last prayer 6h ago
Heather Conley

Pray for Holly’s sister, Heather. She and her boyfriend lost everything in a fires in Boulder but are safe. They are not followers of Jesus. Pray God uses this to bring them to himself.

Dec-30 / last prayer 6h ago
Chad Mathis family

Pray for Chad Mathis family. His dad Darrel died from Covid a few weeks ago and his death has been hard on everyone.

Dec-27 / last prayer 6h ago

My heart is really hurting. The past couple weeks I’ve been hit with a wave of loneliness and sadness. I really need prayer to not feel these feelings and to get out of this sadness.

Jan-02 / last prayer 6h ago
Gaye Lynn Thomas

Pray for Gaye Lynn Thomas and Phillip Henderson, both have Covid and are having trouble breathing.

Jan-06 / last prayer 6h ago

My uncle 85 in isolation is hospital for something akin to TB. absolutely no visitors. He has slight dementia and is incredibly deaf. And for my aunt, as she is home post hip replacement.

Jan-17 / last prayer 33m ago
Thad Haynes

My wife’s uncle was discharged from the hospital today! He almost died at least twice and received over 20 units of blood and multiple surgeries. The internal bleeding stopped. Praise God!!!

Dec-31 / last rejoice 6h ago
TINA Hitcher

Family has 30 days to completely renevate home bought in Lincoln. Only have Brent to do work and his back went out also sole breadwinner. Kyle's lung's quitting, and I need home Lincoln.

Jan-05 / last prayer 6h ago
Jeanne Longenecker

Please pray for Jeanne Longenecker as she has a procedure done on her kidney this morning. Pray for a smooth, effective procedure and a spiritual awakening and fresh encounter with Jesus.

Dec-29 / last prayer 6h ago
TINA Hitcher


Jan-12 / last rejoice 6h ago
Emily G, Nurse Practianer & NH BV Member

The patient who lost her baby is stable, but remains intubated. It appears her bowels are finally starting to work again. This is great news!

Jan-12 / last rejoice 6h ago
Ladonna & Brenda

Please pray for our extended family member Ladonna. She was exposed to Covid at her 90th birthday party 2 weeks ago and is now in the hospital on oxygen. Her daughter Brenda also needs prayer.

Jan-07 / last prayer 6h ago
Cameron Brown

UPDATE: Cameron (almost 5 yrs old) is in Little Rock undergoing tests and treatment. Initially thought leukemia, but is actually stage 3 t-cell lymphoma. Still determining if Leukemia also present.

Jan-07 / last prayer 36m ago
Oma Isu

Praise the Lord with me. I am so thankful to God for how he came through for me I got approved for the scholarship while still waiting for Immigration Approval. Thank you all for praying.

Jan-14 / last rejoice 32m ago
Tami Kirkpatrick -Update

Tami’s scans came back clear and complete remission. Praise God for all He has done. Thank you so much for praying, church.

Jan-13 / last rejoice 36m ago

Please pray for a family with serious health conditions. Mom and all three kids have a rare genetic disorder, and they recently have been fighting the FLU.

Dec-31 / last prayer 6h ago
Russell and Ashley King

please pray for Russell and Ashley King who have both tested positive for covid. Please pray for a quick and full recovery for them.

Jan-03 / last prayer 6h ago
Anita Lietzke

Anita has pretty much recovered from her pain in her side. Have never figured out the cause. So the prayers have been answered. Thanks to all who prayed and praise to God.

Jan-17 / last rejoice 37m ago
Vergi Scott

Update: My mom’s eye procedure went well and they were able to remove all the film. She is resting at home. God is faithful!

Dec-30 / last rejoice 6h ago
Lynae Carlson

Lynae's ankle surgery went very well and her pain is manageable. Praise God! Please pray for continued healing for her foot and back injuries.

Jan-07 / last rejoice 3h ago
Lynae Carlson

Lynae Carlson had a significant fall at a rock climbing gym tonight. She is going into surgery tonight for injuries to her right ankle. Please pray for complete healing and relief of pain.

Jan-06 / last prayer 3h ago
Kevin L.

Please continue to pray for my dad as he recovers from heart surgery. He is not recovering as quickly as doctors had thought. Thank you!

Jan-13 / last prayer 38m ago
Faye May

Thank you for your prayers for Faye May. She is being released from hospital today. She received new omicron antibody infusion yesterday that really knocked out the virus. Coming home with oxygen. PTL

Jan-02 / last rejoice 6h ago

Pray for Ashley and Joni's marriage too grow & prosper spiritually & financially. Pray for ungodly ties to be broken healing in their marriage & for their health.

Jan-12 / last prayer 32m ago
Cameron Brown

Asking for prayers for healing for a young boy (turning 5 years this week). He was diagnosed with advanced leukemia.

Jan-06 / last prayer 6h ago
Nathan Allen

Holly's sister Heather & her boyfriend Nadiim lost their home & everything in the colorado fires. Also, Nadiim's identity was stolen and they're trying to steal his insurance. Also they caught covid

Jan-07 / last prayer 6h ago
David George - update

Kidney Dr @ Washington Regional said shortly after his prayer request was released his numbers became normal and he's being released!

Jan-15 / last prayer 6h ago
TINA Hitcher

In addition to previous prayer ENTIRE FAMILY has come down with COVID. No hospital bed for Kyle so I've been watching at night to make sure his pulse ox doesn't go in 20s again.

Jan-12 / last prayer 6h ago
Stephen Stamps

Please pray for healing for my brother. He has been in hospital over a week now; he’s battling COVID and pneumonia.

Jan-16 / last prayer 34m ago