Vergi Scott

My mom (Vergi Scott) is having eye surgery today at 2:30 to remove a cataract. Please pray for wisdom for the surgeon and healing for her eye. Thanks!

Sep-22 / last prayer 3h ago
Char Finch

Please pray for Jennifer and her daughter . Her daughter is considering an abortion.

Sep-16 / last prayer 31h ago
Harold Timboe (Dawn Stanford's father)

My father is healing well from his cochlear implant surgery. They will turn the device on in mid-October, so pray his hearing will be restored through this amazing surgery.

Sep-26 / last rejoice 14h ago
Kristi Moore

Praise report for Kristi Moore sister in law of Lee and Lynn. She is recovering from Covid and the infusion therapy was very beneficial! Thanks to all who prayed. We truly appreciated it!

Sep-14 / last rejoice 31h ago

My brother in Christ is battling a synovial sarcoma cancer. The chemo is taking a toll on him both physically and emotionally. Pray for acceptance of God's will and miraculous healing.

Sep-26 / last prayer 14h ago
Judy Beaty

Chris Cain’s Aunt Judy was released from the hospital to outpatient therapy at home. No more bleeds but her blood pressure needs to continue to be in a normal range. We are so thankful!

Sep-21 / last rejoice 3h ago

Prayer for blessing in securing a FT job by end of October or this week. Have interviewed for 3 mos. Am out of savings. For God to open doors/ provide favor w/all people involved in hiring and offers.

Sep-28 / last prayer 23m ago
Judy Beaty

Pray for Judy Beaty, aunt of Chris Cain. She is in the hospital in Texas with an aneurysm. Please pray they can stop the bleed!

Sep-16 / last prayer 31h ago
Donald Denison

Donald is home and getting around very easy. The surgery went great!!

Sep-15 / last rejoice 31h ago

Please pray for my Dad, Jim. 90 yrs old, hospital this AM for possible pneumonia & other issues, testing now.

Sep-10 / last prayer 3h ago
Anita Lietzke

Praise!Enrique is out of surgery. Drs. say it went well. He’ll be in the hospital until Saturday. Cecy’s family doesn’t want her to visit or go to the hospital so it’s going to be hard on her.

Sep-08 / last rejoice 3h ago
Charles Ramsey

Anne Rana’s father Charles is in the Heart Hospital in Little Rock for correction of a cardiology problem. He is experiencing post surgery issues. Please prayer for God’s grace to fill his room.

Sep-24 / last prayer 3h ago
Gabby Gardner

Please pray for our eldest daughter who's a freshman at JBU & who recently tested positive for COVID. She's in quarantine. So far she’s not feeling great. We are NH Global Workers, currently in Brazil

Sep-15 / last prayer 2d ago
Linda Petersen

Praise the Lord. Linda has recovered rapidly from her bout with Covid last week. Thank you Jesus for hearing and answering our prayers!

Sep-17 / last rejoice 3h ago
Anna Skinner

Anna is back home and doing well- she is just a little weak from the treatment. She will be home for about 2 weeks and then will have some more scans

Sep-22 / last rejoice 3h ago
Matt and Susanne Waller

Matt is coming home from the hospital today.He got up for about 30 min of walking & continues to make progress. Broken ribs are very painful but Matt is learning to maneuver better.Thanks for praying!

Sep-08 / last prayer 3h ago
Donnie Williams

Pray for New Heights member Donnie Williams. He and his family have had Covid for several weeks. Everyone has improved and is healing but Donnie has regressed.

Sep-13 / last prayer 3h ago

I'm having increased anxiety, unable to work, I've been praying on this and i thank yall for praying too. Asking if possible to join/be surrounded with other believers for encouragement and prayer?

Sep-18 / last prayer 31h ago
Ryan Rana

Ryan Rana has tested positive for Covid and is experiencing significant symptoms. He is receiving good medical treatment. Please pray for his recovery.

Sep-17 / last prayer 3h ago
Char Finch

Sandy has gone to be with Jesus today Praise our RISEN SAVIOR She is suffering no more

Sep-22 / last rejoice 3h ago

Update: My 90 y.o. Dad in Fayetteville is back home. Pneumonia being treated. They found possible colon cancer and we’re looking at options. Pray for healing, peace, guidance, time. He’s a believer.

Sep-12 / last prayer 3h ago

Please pray for my granddaughter Grace. She is having suicidal thoughts and has not accepted Jesus as her savior.

Sep-27 / last prayer 3h ago

Please pray against the lies of Satan concerning my identity. Please pray that I would walk confidently in the freedom Christ already purchased for me. Pray that I would feel content in singleness.

Sep-13 / last prayer 20h ago

Please pray for a friend’s mother who is having breast cancer surgery tomorrow.

Sep-07 / last prayer 3h ago

Prayer for battle w/ some anxiety, depression and loneliness in this empty nest season of life. Prayer request for connections other believers to visit, study, and pray with.

Sep-17 / last prayer 3h ago
Tammi Kirkpatrick

Great news: My friend, Wesley not only had very successful brain surgery, he (an unbeliever) was overwhelmed by the prayers & could literally feel them. He still feels them. Keep it up.

Sep-15 / last rejoice 31h ago