Victoria Hogan

I have been having joint pain that my doctors have not been able to find an explanation for. Please pray for healing and relief from pain.

Mar-30 / last prayer 3d ago
Angela Cleghorn

Long story short: we want to honor God with our finances and build our new home debt free, living on our land while we do it, but need God to open up municipal code to do it. Please pray for favor!

Apr-07 / last prayer 2d ago

Please pray for God's protection and guidance in my life.

Apr-12 / last prayer 4h ago
Dennis Petersen

Please be in prayer for Dennis Petersen (oversees Fayetteville prayer room) who woke up this morning with an inability to move his right arm. He’s currently in hospital. Pray for healing & his Drs

Apr-08 / last prayer 33h ago
Carrie Fisch

I had an abnormal EKG and will go for an echo next week. I am very anxious about the whole thing. Would you pray there are no issues. Please pray for peace and against fear and anxiety.

Apr-12 / last prayer 9h ago

My husband (who was laid off in early March) accepted a new position on April 1. Thank you for your support and prayers!

Apr-06 / last rejoice 2d ago

My neighbor's wife wants a divorce. She is not considering the impact on 2 young kids in 1st & 3rd grade, and her husband that wants the family to stay together.

Mar-29 / last prayer 3d ago
Crystal Vines

Please pray for full time employment and sleep at night. I am not getting any interviews

Mar-30 / last prayer 3d ago
Dennis petersen - update

Dennis is home and doing very well. Thank you all for interceding for him. Your prayers are a weapon God uses to fight back the enemy.

Apr-10 / last prayer 26h ago
Graci Johnson

My left shoulder/arm is in pain and it hurts to put my clothes on. My left knee is also in lots of pain and is causing some issues.

Mar-31 / last prayer 3d ago

Prayer for my sisters in Portland, OR who are living far from the Lord. That they would know his deep love for them and give their lives to Him.

Apr-07 / last prayer 2d ago

Please ask that Jesus would save my son and my granddaughter and bring healing to their past trauma; God’s truth would be understood and accepted and each would know and experience His love.

Apr-07 / last prayer 34h ago
connor hininger

going to tulsa today to see one of my campers that the Holy Spirit gave me a strong impression to see. please pray the Holy Spirit dominates our conversation and uses me to teach him, he is struggling

Apr-07 / last prayer 2d ago
Debi England

My office building is probably being sold. I have been there for 9 years and want to stay. We have a meeting with a potential buyer and the landlord tonight, 3/27 at 5:30 pm. Lots of favor needed!

Mar-27 / last prayer 3d ago

We need prayers for a custody situation. Prayers that the adoption goes as smoothly as possible and the best thing for our daughter will happen.

Apr-04 / last prayer 34h ago
Family of Alice Blackburn

Pray for the family of Alice Blackburn who went to be with Jesus yesterday. She was an almost lifelong resident of Fayetteville and worked at Potter’s House for over a decade and was loved by many.

Mar-26 / last prayer 3d ago
Malachi(newborn baby of Jessie and Hannah Ivers)

At Children’s Hospital in LR…- G tube is surgically being put in his stomach right now prayers that everything goes smoothly and that he will not need to be on a ventilator once surgery is complete

Mar-28 / last prayer 3d ago

Praise: passed job phone interview today! Prayer request update: God's favor for the in person interview at 10:45an tomorrow. That my limp will be gone or of no concern to them. Thank you!

Apr-01 / last prayer 3d ago
Debi England

Update! All parties are amenable to purchase so the buyers are off to get financing. We need favor with the bank, but we have a little time. Pray for the down payment to be manageable!

Mar-28 / last rejoice 2d ago

Prayer divine healing for a family friend for their body

Mar-24 / last prayer 2d ago
Rick MacDonald of Azusa, California

Pray for Nathan Allen's Uncle Rick, a pastor in California. He has had lung damage from Covid, was put on the transplant list, & has a match. The transplant will happen ASAP.

Mar-25 / last prayer 2d ago
Rebecca Willis

My sister, Rebecca Willis, is having surgery soon. Her PTSD Is acting up, and her world seems to be going crazy. Please pray for her

Apr-02 / last prayer 3d ago

Please pray for my sister, Maggie , who is struggling with serious health issues, difficulties with insurance and medications. Please ask for healing but also a patient advocate to help her.

Apr-04 / last prayer 2d ago

My dear friend I served with, Kevin, just got divorced and is military police; he had to respond to a nasty fatal scene yesterday. Pray God protects his mind and soul. Give him hope and rest.

Mar-28 / last prayer 2d ago
Alek Lyons

Young nephew was taken to urgent care for an allergic reaction. Multiple tests came back inconclusive but was able to receive meds to help with hives & breathing. Prayers for health, healing & peace.

Apr-07 / last prayer 17h ago

My family suffers from depression.

Mar-28 / last prayer 2d ago
Dennis Petersen - update

Doctors determined dennis suffered a minor stroke but are very optimistic he will have a full recovery. He is being released from hospital today (9 apr)

Apr-09 / last prayer 17h ago

Please pray for symphony 2months old baby girl, pray for her weight gain and good health.

Apr-02 / last prayer 34h ago
IVERS family (Jessie & Hannah and baby Malachi)

G tube surgery successful; now are home. trying to juggle special feedings & pumping, our toddler and normal everyday routine. Will hear about diagnosis in the next week or two…pray against fear

Apr-01 / last prayer 34h ago

My boss has struggled with health issues, now he has severe hiccups for days & cannot work - think it may be a neuro issue. He is a newer christian - pray for faith & healing.

Apr-09 / last prayer 17h ago

Request favor for a pre job interview via phone tomorrow 0915-0930. Also for continued healing of right hip that it would be restored to well functioning and pain free. THANK YOU! Prayers helping!

Mar-31 / last prayer 3d ago
Lewis & Melody Taylor

Please pray for our travels & ministry in Burundi starting 4/9. Going into rough, difficult areas of extreme poverty and darkness to minister in schools & show the Jesus film outside during nights.

Apr-07 / last prayer 34h ago