Jack moody - update

95% blockage was found and opened with stent. All circulation open now. Jack will get to go home tomorrow. Please pray for rest and recovery.

May-23 / last prayer 2d ago
UPDATE: Baby David Parish

Baby David will be observed for the next 3 days to see if he is a good candidate for a brain shunt. Please pray that he is and can get on a waiting list for this surgery to give relief to his brain.

May-31 / last prayer 7h ago

Strength and comfort as I settle my dad’s affairs and try to care for my brother.

May-23 / last prayer 45h ago
Jason Kisic

For trust, peace and healing after lab results showed markers for lymphoma. Being referred to HOG for further testing

May-23 / last prayer 3d ago
Eileen Parnell

Eileen’s heart hasn’t converted to normal rhythm so now they will be doing another cardio version today to shock it back into normal rhythm. This will be her third cardio version.

Jun-01 / last prayer 46h ago
Staci Graber - Update

Staci met with the neurologist again this morning. He said two more IVIG treatments. Please continue to pray for less side effects from the IVIG, as well as continuing recovery.

May-19 / last prayer 7h ago
Caroline Spence

Please pray that the Lord would fully heal me of insomnia and that I would sleep well tonight and every night. Please pray that I would be full of the Lord’s peace and free from fear and anxiety.

May-29 / last prayer 39h ago
Camella Clark

My daughter’s surgery went well and there was no infection so she got to go home shortly after she woke up. Thank you for praying! -Lana Clark

May-25 / last rejoice 39h ago
Jane Parish

Traveling mercies for a road trip for 4 women w/ ultimate destination of Niagara Falls. God's blessing and glory travel w/ us

May-30 / last prayer 46h ago
Camella Clark

My daughter, Camella, is having an appendectomy tomorrow. Please pray for a safe surgery and short recovery.

May-24 / last prayer 3d ago

Please pray for Sebastian his one, and needs open heart surgery to fix some major issues, pray the lord guides heals him fully and helps his doctors and team surgery is on Thursday, June 8, 2023.

Jun-03 / last prayer 16h ago
Lisa Bennett

Emma Knowlton, Lisa Bennett’s mother, passed early this morning. Lisa said it was very peaceful. Please pray for her and her family as they walk through this loss.

Jun-03 / last prayer 7h ago
Leslie Keeling

Please pray for Leslie Keeling. She had sudden pain yesterday and is having her gall Blatter removed today.

May-31 / last prayer 29h ago

I just recently graduated college and am praying for a job. I am hoping to start in august and desire to go into full time ministry particularly with youth.

May-17 / last prayer 39h ago
The Walkers in PNG

The Mibu people in Papua New Guinea were attacked by a gang that killed a 12 year old girl recently. Ethnos 360 missionaries are heading there. Pray for wisdom, words of comfort & clear communications

May-28 / last prayer 39h ago
Jenny Lawson and Debbie Taylor

June 4-10 pray for Boston Immigrants Bible Studies. 8 countries represented studying Luke daily with workers. Seed planting/watering/sprouting. God's words into their hearts.

May-30 / last prayer 45h ago
Eileen Parnell

Pray healing for Eileen Parnell & wisdom for her doctors as they try to find an effective treatment for her A-fib. She's in WRMC for extensive tests.

May-30 / last prayer 39h ago
Marty Swain

Depart 7AM 6/1 for 11 hr drive to Atlanta & return 6/8. Pls pray for safe drive, protection and on time arrival for son/wife grad. & commission to 1st appt. with Salvation Army. Pray 4 God’s presence!

May-31 / last prayer 39h ago
Mike Hogan

Mike tore his calf muscle today. Please pray for a full and quick recovery, relief from pain, and against discouragement as he has to be pretty immobile while it heals.

May-28 / last prayer 7h ago
Steven Homem

Pray for Steven Homem’s sister and her husband. Their 1 year old child died this morning. His birthday was yesterday.

May-23 / last prayer 7h ago
Lisa Bennett

Pray mercy & peace for Emma Knowlton, Lisa Bennett's mom who was placed into Hospice due to last stage dementia. Pray for a peaceful passing.

May-30 / last prayer 46h ago

I am having biopsy at the end of the month. Praying for good results.

Jun-04 / last prayer 7h ago
Marty Swain

Please pray for my family members driving and flying to Atlanta for services as well. Coming from Springdale, Marshal, Stilwell and San Diego. Thank you so so much!!!

May-31 / last prayer 46h ago
Claude Willis

Please pray for my dear friend, Beverly Pierce Jones. She has debilitating pain in her back from stenosis of the spine. Pray for healing & pain relief.

May-24 / last prayer 3d ago
Shawn Smith

Shawn Smith, Ted Fish’s brother-in-law, had a heart attack yesterday. He’s in a hospital in Kansas. Please pray for healing, comfort, for him and family

Jun-03 / last prayer 26h ago