Phil Chavez

Please pray for my mom Lorraine’s salvation and pray for her healing. She lost her hearing, has memory loss, bad posture, body pain, and high blood pressure. Pray for excellent health.

Aug-08 / last prayer 14h ago
Lewis and Melody

Please pray for our travel the next two days to to arrive in Nairobi during the election week. Next.. travel to Malawi islands and Mozambique by boat to share Jesus.

Aug-10 / last prayer 26h ago
Dana Hoover

Please pray for Dana Hoover. She needs an absolute miracle. The doctors are not expecting her to survive the weekend. Jesus has the final word.

Aug-06 / last prayer 2d ago
Emily Hass

Emily has been very sick since Friday- chills, throwing up, no urine. She went to urgent care, they sent her to ER. She has COVID & is very sick. The ER gave her IV fluids & Covid Rx & sent her home.

Aug-08 / last prayer 2d ago
Harold Early

Harold Early’s surgery was successful, and he is back home recovering. Thank you so much for your prayers! God is good!

Jul-29 / last rejoice 2d ago
Marty Swain

I’ll have knee manipulation surgery on recent knee replcmnt on Wed. I’m weary, weak, and anxiety keeps show’s it’s ugly head. Daily PT after surgery. Pls Pray for good results, peace & strength. TY

Aug-08 / last prayer 2d ago

My friend’s older brother has been missing since Sunday. He was traveling from Knoxville, TN to Charlotte, NC. Please pray he is found safe and healthy very soon.

Aug-03 / last prayer 14h ago

Please pray for my mother, Juanita to be healed in her mind and body. She is really struggling. Please pray that she will be restored to good health and able to be independent again. God Bless You!

Aug-09 / last prayer 14h ago
Brenda Hass

I have an important meeting tomorrow 10am. Please pray the results will be God's Will & not man's. And for encouragement in ministry to remember God's purpose & plan for my life to serve & glorify Him

Jul-27 / last prayer 2d ago
Kevin and Marsha Lewellen

My dad’s condition has worsened. We came down to visit. Please pray strength and peace for my mom especially and comfort from pain for my dad.

Aug-08 / last prayer 14h ago
Kevin Lewellen

Thank you for continuing to pray for my dad. Today he was much improved!! Please keep praying that he improves and is able to rest well.

Aug-09 / last rejoice 31h ago

Sam got his liver! Praise God. He has several complications-infections, trach- since. Now showing great improvement! Thanks for prayers!

Aug-13 / last rejoice 5m ago
David Morris

Pray for David Morris who has had multiple health issues the last 3 weeks including an inflamed esophagus, uncontrolled hiccups, and a broken ankle that will require surgery.

Aug-13 / last prayer 2m ago
Korey Heath

Korey is a senior nursing student who is battling aggressive brain cancer once again. She requests prayer for surgery at 6 am Thursday 8/11/22. She is trusting Jesus to completely heal her.

Aug-10 / last prayer 34m ago
Cip & Ana Micula

Please be in prayer for cip and ana as they travel to phoenix for a medical procedure for ana. Pray for smooth travel, Ana’s medical team, and a smooth and quick recovery

Aug-12 / last prayer 34m ago
South Church

Please pray for South Church as they have recently been overwhelmed with new homeless people on Sunday night. Some of them are disrupting the meal and the service.

Aug-03 / last prayer 14h ago

We are beginning the process of a local adoption. Please pray for this whole process. For the birth mom and our relationship, for the financials, for God to provide a third row vehicle. Thank you!

Aug-04 / last prayer 14h ago
Harold Early - update

Had his pacemaker procedure yesterday afternoon late. Everything went fine according to Drs. He is expected to be discharged today. Please pray for rest and a quick recovery.

Jul-29 / last prayer 2d ago
Harold Keller

Please pray for Harold Keller, friend of Jim and Pam Hall. He is in ICU with Covid. Improving some.

Aug-09 / last prayer 14h ago

I need internal healing in my heart and with the ways some nerves are functioning. I'm also being like afflicted by something too and it's causing distressing symptoms.

Jul-28 / last prayer 14h ago
Dennis Petersen

Please pray healing and swift recovery for Brian and Leslie Bailey, who have been diagnosed with Covid.

Aug-10 / last prayer 8h ago
Bryce and the Evans family

My friend’s brother’s body was found today in the Smoky Mountains. Please pray that God’s peace would cover their family during this time. Thanks to everyone who has prayed.

Aug-05 / last prayer 14h ago
Sean Smith

Sean has a large brain tumor that will require surgery (8/12), chemo and radiation. Please pray for safe removal without paralysis or more damage, and also for his wife Julie and their girls.

Aug-10 / last prayer 14h ago
Jack Moody

Jack Moody has improved greatly since his incident at church a few weeks ago. Please pray for his continuing improvement. Thank you for your prayers.

Jul-27 / last rejoice 34h ago

My friend’s brother’s car has been found on a remote road in NC. He has been missing since Sunday. Please pray he is found safe and healthy as soon as possible, and pray peace over my friend’s family.

Aug-04 / last prayer 14h ago
Kevin Lewellen

Thanks to those of you praying for my dad! They have placed two feeding tubes. Please pray his body starts to benefit from the nutrition.

Aug-04 / last prayer 14h ago
Jami Huckeba

Please pray for Jami Huckeba as she has a periodontal procedure to improve the health of her gums tomorrow. Pray for a successful procedure, quick recovery, and minimal pain.

Jul-28 / last prayer 2d ago
Marty Swain

I tripped on a rake a fell last Friday. Please pray no damage to 7 week old knee replacement & pain level would go down & recovery would improve. Thank you so so much.

Jul-24 / last prayer 2d ago
Sean Smith

Sean has a large brain tumor that will require surgery and radiation or chemo. Surgery is set for Friday. Please pray for the medical staff, Sean, and his family.

Aug-11 / last prayer 6h ago

My cousin Sam is waiting on a liver for a transplant. 2 were turned down by his doctor. But another one has come available. Pray this one is acceptable and it will for for him. Praise the Lord!

Jul-23 / last prayer 14h ago
Tami Anderson - update

Tami (mother of Haven Bailey)passed away early this morning. Please pray for Austin & Haven and their entire family during this season as they mourn their loss.

Jul-31 / last prayer 2d ago