Jake Born

Please pray for my parents, Denise & Mark. They found out on July 9 that my mom has stage 4 pancreatic and liver cancer. It’s very aggressive. We are asking God to do a miracle. He is able. Matt. 9:35

Jul-11 / last prayer 13h ago
John Flory

Months ago I submitted a prayer request for my sister Rochelle who was being treated for breast cancer. I just want to Praise God!, and thank all who prayed for her healing! The cancer/tumor is gone!!

Jul-28 / last rejoice 15h ago
RON DRAKE (Dawn Stanford's brother-in-law)

UPDATE: Found a new tumor in his brain that they are going to treat with immune therapy. Other tumors are NOT growing. He will start physical therapy and getting a consultation about radiation.

Jul-15 / last prayer 13h ago
Tom Muccio

Tom Muccio tested positive for Covid. He continues to be joyful and upbeat!!

Jul-21 / last prayer 13h ago

Healing and restoration of my marriage That perfect love casts out fear would be true in our marriage

Jul-15 / last prayer 15h ago
Nick and Dee Delaloye

For my brother with Alzheimer’s and his wife. Pray for a return to faith and for comfort and joy in dealing w this terrible disease that is stealing him away. Thank you.

Jul-29 / last prayer 15h ago

Please pray for my dad and sister to grasp the beauty of a deep relationship with Jesus and to desire to be in relationship with Him.

Jul-31 / last prayer 13m ago
David Lawrence

Keep praying for David Lawrence. He is in Baptist Hospital. He was not put on ECMO which is good. He is still on ventilator and he is stable and blood gases have improved slightly.

Jul-30 / last prayer 15h ago
Zamira Vercani

Please pray for the mother of NH Global Worker in Albania, Bani Vercani. She is very sick and paralyzed. She is in the hospital & doctors have little hope.

Jul-30 / last prayer 7h ago

Update: Friend's mom with inoperable tumor is at WR and is no longer allowed visitors. There is a possibility she will go on hospice care. Pray for peace and comfort.

Jul-22 / last prayer 15h ago
Staci Crowell

Please pray for my nephew, Sam, he has COVID despite being vaccinated. And for me please, negative for COVID but have pneumonia. God bless you@

Jul-27 / last prayer 15h ago
David Lawrence

David Lawrence is showing improvement. He is down to 50% oxygen. Please keep praying that he will be able to come off the ventilator soon.

Jul-31 / last prayer 30m ago
Felicity Maj

Pray for Felicity Maj the one year old daughter of Tom and Molly Maj. she has Covid and RSV. Pray for healing and that her brother Henry does not get sick

Jul-31 / last prayer 27m ago
Leslie Keeling

Leslie Keeling and her family, just found out her sister died of an apparent accidental overdose. Pray for Leslie. Pray for The Keeling’s, for comfort & bring peace to their family as they grieve.

Jul-26 / last prayer 15h ago
Jennifer White

I have found a job very close to home!!!

Jul-25 / last rejoice 15h ago
Nancy Muccio

Please pray for Nancy Muccio who just teated positive for Covid. Pray for a misdiagnosis, total healing ,or at worst a mild case and good Dr support

Jul-19 / last prayer 15h ago